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 DUI Lawyer

Have you recently been arrested for a DUI or a DWAI in Colorado? Here's what you need to do now.

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Your side of the story needs to be told, let us help you tell it.

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You need an experienced lawyer to assist you with your burglary or trespassing violation.

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 Sex Offenses

Sex offenses are the most serious charges one can face, don't face them alone.

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We believe in your constitutional right to defend yourself.

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 Drug Offenses

If you are involved in a drug-related crime, you need a lawyer who has extensive experience in Colorado courts.

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 Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges can have a serious impact on your life. Choosing the right lawyer can make all the difference.

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 CU Student Defense

Did you know crimes committed by students, both on and off campus, can affect their enrollment status?

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Brooks Robinson - Attorney

Since his admission to the bar in 2003, Brooks has dealt exclusively in the criminal defense arena.

Working for the Colorado Public Defender's office, Brooks represented thousands of clients in numerous misdemeanor and felony trials ranging from traffic, DUI, domestic, theft, serious assaults, sex assaults, double homicide – first degree murder, drugs/distribution, menacing/weapons offenses.

In 2016 Brooks turned his focus to the private sector and joined the team at McCormick and Kennedy, PC. in Boulder, CO.

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  • Former Public Defender

    Brooks Robinson  Comments (0)
    Just had my last official court appearance as a Public Defender. Truly a strange feeling. Friday is my last day here. It’s been a really great run fighting the oppressive government on behalf of the poor...

    Colorado Personal Use of Marijuana

    Brooks Robinson  Comments (0)
    Below is an excerpt from the Colorado Marijuana law Article XVIII, Section 16 outlining the personal use and regulation of Marijuana in Colorado. Know your rights. Source: Article XVIII, Section 16:  Personal Use and Regulation...